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Trust us at BookingJini to develop, and provide unique solutions to the hotel owners, to grow their business. All this, with the liberty and power to put in our divergent and creative think tanks to the best of productive works, thus providing the hotels, means to revolutionize their working experience.

You do welcome a web visitor, but see it get converted to a guest, and then have the control on your part to personalize and improve the customer experience, via various means. From direct bookings through the Booking Engine, to the provision of the Channel Manager’s single point location for an effortless management of all your various OTAs accounts.

BookingJini makes sure, that your hotel creates a good name of itself in the market and holds a very strong brand reputation.

Our astute vision does corroborate our beliefs and principles of building up a complete organic hotel booking experience.

Sibasish MishraFounder & CEO

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