CRS stands for Central Reservation System which is a holistic system used to store and process information.

Increased Revenue Potential

Expect more revenue as your regularly updated property will be spread across various platforms on a real-time basis.

Operational Efficiency

Management of a large number of inventory on a real-time basis from a single source.

Proper Distribution

There will be a proper distribution of your inventory across platforms for better visibility.

How CRS Works?

The CRS conduct transactions pertaining to Hotel Bookings based on their inventory and rates so that they are able to handle Guest Reservations on a real-time basis. They also look into the prevention of overbookings.
These reservations are managed across multiple platforms such as OTAs, Direct Bookings, the Global Distribution System and others. It centralizes the data from the Property Management System(PMS) and distributes it across all these platforms so that the guests can have a real-time access to the hotels concerned.

With CRS Hoteliers can easily respond to market demand and prevent rate parity from a single source and the guests will enjoy an ease of booking. Its critical towards diversification of the network which will increase the revenue potential and operational efficiencies across independent and chain of hotels.

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