Channel Manager

Bookingjini’s Channel Manager is a GEM of a product which helps you manage all your OTA accounts from a single dashboard. It also comes along with a host of other features too.

The Channel Manager effectively connects you with the online travel agents. Also, the Global Distribution Systems manages and automates the Hotel's online rates and inventory distribution while minimizing overbooking.

Manage OTAs easily
Avoid Over-Bookings
Fully Automated Structure

Manage all OTAs

The channel manager contains list of built-in tools to fight overbooking, as it instantly updates latest inventory across all OTAs, GDS, PMS and even your own booking engine. It reduces the steps involved in managing the various accounts and reduces the time. It helps you to get over with the strenuous task of managing your various accounts by giving you a common platform to manage all of them.

Connecting your Hotel with Major OTAs

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Apart from the iBooking-Engine, The channel manager integration helped the hotel’s inventories to be available across numerous Booking sites in real time. This cut down on a lot of work as the management didn’t have to manually struggle with the room inventories

GMLandmark, Shimla

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